Hattie Turns 2


Two-year-old Hattie is adorable. She has a full set of chompers and sweet curly, long hair. She loves to laugh, which makes her dimples all the more kissable. Her favorite colors are yellow and pink, and she loves Little Einsteins and Winnie the Pooh. She gives hugs and kisses freely, and loves to be rocked and cuddled. She loves baby dolls, airplanes, stuffed animals, and all things snuggly soft. I recently painted her toe nails pink, and she walked around for hours saying, “pink toes” with a beaming grin stuck on her squishy face. Goodness, little girls are sugary sweet and she is the perfect little chub ball.


However, two-year-old Hattie is also a monstrosity. She recently slapped at a nurse while at the doctor’s office – the nurse was trying to rub her back. She scratches Coby and pulls his hair, if he breathes in her direction while she’s feeling crabby. She eats crayons, but don’t you dare put a vegetable on her plate. She recently had a 30 minute standoff with Eric over a bite of waffle. Her favorite phrases to yell are, “NO!” and “STOP IT!”. She has opinions about EVERYTHING – her socks, her shoes, her hair bow, Coby’s socks, the chair she sits in, the chicken nugget she eats first, which leg she wants to sit on, which spoon she wants to use, the placement of the coffee table to the couch, I could go on. She has an opinion and she will make it known. And she’s two – Lord, help me. Hattie is no push-over, she’s more likely to be the one who is doing the pushing. And she’s not a sissy, unless crying about a boo-boo will get her big brother in trouble. Two-year-old Hattie is giving me a run for my money – but really, she frequently takes my wallet out of my purse and strategically places my credit cards around the house. Coby didn’t really have a “terrible-two’s” phase, so this is new territory that I’m wading through.


She loves to sleep, and gets in 12-13 hour nights, and 2 hour naps each day. Her current favorite foods are sausage, steak, salsa, grapes, apples, and Doritos. She has a pink blankie and a tiny white stuffed tiger that go everywhere with her.

This little person is my heart. I love getting to know who she is, and feel blessed that God chose me to be her mommy. Happy birthday to my sweet Hattie-cakes!


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