Favorite Things

8:00 AM. I’m rushing to get ready for the day. Hattie is biting at my heels (literally), pulling everything out of the vanity drawer and hurling it in different directions around the bathroom. Meh. At least she’s occupied. Coby is jumping on my bed just 6 feet away and asking shouting a thousand questions at me. Questions like, “What day is today?” “How high do you think I can jump?” “Are you a banana?” “Do you think Hattie is a baby dinosaur?” and on and on and on…

And I’m like, I need a few minutes of quiet to apply my eyeliner.

Me: “Coby, Let’s play a game! Here’s my phone. Go take pictures of your favorite things around the house, and then come back and show me!”

He runs off happy screaming, and Hattie waddles after him.

10 minutes later, I’m ready and we run out the door.

4 hours later at nap time, I get to look at the pictures he had taken.

First, the library bag. But I really don’t think he appreciates the value.


Next, the Duplo tree house that he had built that morning.


A given. His favorite person ever. Running away with my iPod. No doubt on her way to hide it in the couch cushions, and then find a crayon to scribble on the wall with.


His new dinosaur mask. That he loves. But I have to take it out of his bedroom at night because it’s too scary.


And as I’m flipping through these pictures, I’m smiling at all of the things that are his favorite. But then I get to this.


A selfie? With that “I’m smiling, but not smiling” teenage boy face. But then he’s all, “hey, I look pretty good.” And he takes it to the next level…


Peter Pan hat on. Tongue out. Eyes directly in the camera. Lord, help me.


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