TV Talk

Sometimes when we sit down to watch TV (and let’s be honest, finding time to do that is rare these days) we too, like all other people on the planet, spend more time browsing Netflix and Amazon Prime, than it takes to watch the show. Here are our recent top 5 favorite shows on TV.

1. Sons of Liberty – the History Channel

Y’all. Download the History Channel app and watch this series right now. And then be inspired to name your next child Samuel Adams or George Washington.  Set in Boston at the start of the American Revolution, this Historical drama is anything but dull and boring. American History makes me weepy anyways, but this series just appealed deeply to my patriotic heart and made us want to visit Boston ASAP for an in depth tour of all the Boston things. The cast includes Prince Caspian (Ben Barnes) as Sam Adams, and Tom Keen from Blacklist (Ryan Eggold) as Dr. Joseph Warren – so really, that might be all I need to say about that.

2. The Men Who Built America – the History Channel (on Netflix)

Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, Carnegie, JP Morgan, and Ford – yes, I knew they were money, I just didn’t know why they were money. Watch this totally enlightening documentary on these golden names from our country’s past – and headbang along to the rad opening song. Determination, drive, and some bone chilling resolve defined these American capitalists. And if you’re a conspiracy theorist, then obvi, all these guys are part of the illuminati.

3. Call The Midwife – BBC (on Netflix)

Eric will have no part in this one with me. But oh man, this show is brilliant! This is a period drama set in London in the 1950’s era, centering around a group of nurse-midwives in a city convent. The young midwives learn alongside the more experienced nuns, with the main character being the calm and sensitive Jenny. The characters in this show are lovely, and each episode is sure to have you rooting for the babies, mommies and midwives to thrive despite the crushing realities of sickness, poverty, disease, culture, and modern medical amenities. Currently, there are 4 seasons available and I think season 4 is the best. Don’t even get me started on the complex emotions that were so delicately and wonderfully written & performed in the season 4 finale. Bravo Chummy, Bravo.

4. Mad Men – AMC (on Netflix)

We’ve been fans of this drama for years, and unless you live under a rock, you have probably at least heard of it. New York City in the 1960’s ish, advertising, dapper costumes, and painfully human storylines. The last season just finished a few weeks ago. The early seasons are brilliant, and the writing for this show is clever and award-winning. The characters are gritty and manipulative and hopelessly hopeless. Though the last few seasons have been disjointed, this final season made us remember why we loved the show so much. Don Draper, he wants to change, but he doesn’t, but he does, but he can’t, but he’s confused, and we hate him, and we want him to succeed, and then we don’t. And then he almost loses, but in the end, he’s the same, and he always wins, but it’s a different game. Oh, and be prepared for some self and world analysis after every episode.

5. American Ninja Warrior – NBC – Monday’s from 8-10PM

After all the drama, and history, and emotions going on in the above mentioned shows, this one brings it all down to a tangible human level. Watch average American men and women try to run insanely difficult obstacle courses in effort to become the first ever “American Ninja Warrior.” Anyone can compete, and each person’s storyline is heart wrenching (of course). Every Monday night we are cheering out loud for our fellow average Joe’s and Jane’s as they struggle to master obstacles and grasp greatness.  Short clip here…

So what are your current faves? Always looking to add a few more to the queue in hopes that it won’t take us a half an hour decide and agree on something!


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