Coby at 3

Silly. Wild. Smart. Loud. Imaginative.


This little guy could tell knock-knock jokes all day long. Of course, they go something like this:

Coby: “knock, knock.”

Mommy: “Who’s there?”

Coby: “banana orange.” SCREAM LAUGH. End of joke.

He loves to laugh, and make up silly noises and word combinations. He is vibrant, full of energy, and giggles constantly.

He plays legos with daddy for (what seems like) hours almost every night. Building ships, cars, castles, farms – anything as long as it has a distinct purpose. He lives to build “forts”. All kinds of forts – Using blankets, pillows, lamp shades, coasters, baskets, Amazon boxes and piles of (clean, unfolded) laundry.

Coby talks non-stop. NON-STOP. He was a late talker, and I was a little worried when at 2, he was still not saying any words. But then, almost overnight, his vocabulary exploded! He talks more than most teenage girls. His “F”s are “P”s, “TH” is “CR” or “P”, and he uses a few other letter replacements. “Funny” is “Punny” and “Thunder” is “Punder” – of which he is not fond of atall. His little brain moves so quickly and I love watching him trying to explain something to me as quickly as his brain is thinking it up.

He lives to be outside. He loves digging in the dirt, taking walks to find treasures, and running as fast as he can. Just like his parents, he must always have a “project” that he is working on. Aimless playing holds no joy, but ah, give him a task (“Hey Coby, can you stack up all of those logs for me?”) and he’s the happiest little worker.

We are well into the “why?” phase, so I’m working to patiently answer that question 75 times a day. His mentor is Curious George, and “Why?” could very well be his life’s motto, not just a toddler phase.

Curious George, Lightning McQueen and Frozen are his favorites. He thinks that “Let it Go” is Hattie’s favorite song and sings it for her in a high squeaky mouse voice.


He will always sit still to read books. He loves to snuggle and read with anyone who will turn pages for him. Finding the smallest part of the story to rehearse and ask questions about. He loves Ferdinand, anything Richard Scary, and new books from our weekly library trips. He’s been like this since birth, and insists on reading books every single day.

He will always choose a chip over a cookie, mac & cheese over pizza, and a tomato over just about anything. He frequently asks for salad for lunch. WHA? No dressing. And he eats only the stems of broccoli. I’m not sure how this all happened, but I am thankful for his healthy eating. Of course he can pound french fries and donuts too.

His favorite person is Googie (Hattie) and goes to great lengths to include her in all that he does. Before I put him down for his afternoon nap, he runs into her room, kisses her sleeping hand, and then runs back into his room. He can’t get enough of his baby sister.


He’s also challenging and loves to push my buttons. I frequently have to remind him to be polite and stop it with the potty/ blood & gore talk. He’s learning to obey with a happy heart, although he frequently says he “cannot obey and be happy” – I understand that rebel heart. Oh man, do I ever.

I love finding out more about him, who he is, and what makes him tick. He’s part me, part Eric, but he is wholly his own person. He has traits that neither of us do, that make him uniquely, Coby.

2 thoughts on “Coby at 3

  1. Oh how I love this. That he would already love books so much, how very like his mother, and what a world of wonder will keep opening up to him there. And a fellow tomato lover too!!

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