Hattie-cakes at 9 months

Sweet. Soft. Gentle. Calm. Quiet.

All good words that describe my Hattie.

She is squishy and dimply, all in the kind of way that makes you want to pick her up and kiss those cheeks a thousand times.


These days, she is sometimes army crawling, sometimes crawling on all fours. She has perfected the complicated move of getting from a laying position, to a sitting position. Her new favorite skill is pulling up in her crib. She is content to sit in her crib and play with toys – or watch big brother be wild in her room. This pink baby could possibly be the most content little pink that ever was.


She rarely cries and has been like this since day one. Truly, she is not fussy, whiny or grumpy. She will cuddle and smile all the day long. She will follow me around the kitchen, just to get the chance to pull on my leg and smile at me.


To say big brother Coby loves her, is an understatement. Coby is crazy about his “googie”. No really, he calls her “googie” and I have no idea where it came from. Just today, Eric and I were saying that the best thing we ever did for Coby was give him a sibling. He kisses her at least 20 times a day and can never get enough of her. He’s always bringing her toys, building her Lego ships, covering her if she’s cold, singing her songs, trying to feed her peas, reading books to her, or holding her water bottle for her. This morning, I peeked into the sitting room, to find them on the floor side by side, laying on their tummies, looking at a Winnie the Pooh book and laughing together. True Story! Their sweetness together is a balm to my heart! I hope and pray that they always play together so well and get along this sweetly together.


We call her Hattie-cakes, Googie, Hattie-Pie, Lovey and a few other mushy names. And she always has a sweet smile in reply. She loves daddy and flaps her arms like a bird whenever he enters the room. She has perfected saying “ma-ma” and “da-da” – of course, “da-da” was her first word. She still nurses 4 to 5 times a day, mostly before nap times. She loves table food – bits of soft veggies, fruits, black beans, yogurt, applesauce, chicken, and beets. She self feeds famously! (Coby did not self feed until after he was about a year old!) I love watching her chubby fingers pinch at food bits. And then she shoves her whole fist into her mouth.


She sleeps through the night like a dream. Most mornings, she wakes early for a feeding & snuggle with mommy, but she’ll go right back to sleep for a couple more hours.

This precious baby is a gift. How thankful I am to be her mommy. Tears come easily to me these days, tears of overwhelming thankfulness and joy. I love this stage with this sweet babe. I cherish each minute and don’t ever want to forget.

8 thoughts on “Hattie-cakes at 9 months

  1. Those cheeks are something else (particularly as Coby is smooshing them for her). You make me want to jump on a plane just to cuddle that squishy little girl – ok and maybe see her momma too 😉 So glad you wrote this all down for us to share in too, sweet Hattie-girl!

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