Hattie’s Birth Story

A little late, but here is Hattie’s birth story (for those that are interested – a small audience of probably mostly family) 🙂

It all started on Thursday morning, February 27th – two weeks from my actual due date. However, since Coby was born two weeks early, I was hoping (demanding) that this baby would be born two weeks early too.

At around 11:45 AM, I put Coby down for his nap, and then I went into my bedroom to nap too. As soon as I got on the bed, I heard a “pop” coming from my belly. And then I smiled – because I was pretty sure that my water had just broken and this party was about to get started.

After getting up and walking around a bit, my suspicion was confirmed by the trail of lovely that was left on the floor. I called my friend Jill because her water had broken with her first baby. She said that it can take hours to go into labor. So after hanging up with her, I felt assured that baby might arrive by the evening. Queue phone calls to Eric and my mother-in-law – telling them I’m about to start labor, but take your time because it might be a while. 10 minutes later, the first contraction hits and I fall on the floor, screaming like Amy Poehler in Baby Mama. This was no joke. Labor had hit me full on.

Queue sweating and panting, and a lot of me violently whispering, “oh sweet mother of pearl!”

FINALLY Eric and my MIL arrive and I’m not even thinking clearly at this point. Coby leaves to go with his grandma (and I’m about to lose it because it’s the last time he’ll truly be my only baby) and Eric helps me into the car.

On the car ride to the hospital, I am screaming like a banshee and Eric’s pep talk to me is the same as when Coby was born: “Please don’t curse when we’re in the hospital.” Truly, there was no cursing from me, but I guess he’s just trying to make sure I behave.

We make it to the 4th floor of the hospital. The checkin nurse wants to take me straight to L&D. But the triage nurse wants to take me first (she thinks I’m making up all of the drama ). Triage nurse wins and I’m at 7cm. This is at about 2:00 – two hours after my water broke. They take me to L&D and try to hook me up to machines and make me lay down. However, it is complete torture to lay down. So I stay standing and swaying and yelling. Somehow they hook me up to monitors and ignore my screams for an epidural.

A nurse tells me that once I have a full bag of IV fluid in me, they can call the doctor to give me an epidural. I truly almost lost it. Regretfully, I was not being cooperative with anyone. I was in no way prepared for things to happen so quickly. And I was in no way mentally prepared to go through labor and birth without pain meds. I may have lost composure.

At some point, I took a moment to look at one of the nurses helping me. She had a couple of gold teeth. She was older and had a lot of wrinkles. She had done this countless times – help women (some crazy like me) give birth. She was calm and confident. She smiled a lot, and her gold teeth were shiny and awesome. She looked me in the eye and said, “You control the pain, don’t let it control you.”

I wanted to calmly say, “yes, Sensei” – but I just screamed, “OK!!!”

I reached 10 cm within a matter of minutes. The very kind nurses called in the very kind anesthesiologist who gave me an epidural even though I was already at 10 (and my IV bag was not completely empty). He graciously said that he’d at least be able to help the pushing part be a little more comfortable.

Right after he finished with the epidural, I needed to start pushing.

Queue the doctor running in, my awesome nurses getting their game faces on, and my awesome-pirate-nurse winking at me.

Hattie Joy was born at 3:02 PM.




She was greeted with loud, joyful cries coming from Eric and I. I mean, we were sobbing.




New life is amazing. Life is amazing

What a precious gift from such a loving Heavenly Father.


photo 5


From start to finish, 3 hours and 2 minutes. Should God bless us with another baby, I’m just going to camp out in the hospital parking lot for a few weeks before my due date.



4 thoughts on “Hattie’s Birth Story

  1. You are an amazing writer. I love your posts! Thanks for sharing Hattie’s birth story. What a beautiful family!

  2. I loved your story!  Congratulations on your new baby girl.  I hope I get to see your babies when you come to Denver.

  3. aww….she is a quick one. maybe she’ll be a sprint runner. 🙂
    love you and thanks for sharing your story.

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