Staycation Oh Twelve

Rather than going someplace awesome (like Harry Potter World in Orlando) for summer vacation, we opted to stay in town. I say “opted”, but really, does Universal Studios with a 7 month old baby sound fun to you? Me neither.

Eric is amid a job transition and he took this week to stay home. We’ve done some fun things and totally ruined Coby’s schedule this week (I’m learning to be okay with this, as I’m a bit rigid about “THE SCHEDULE”).

On Tuesday afternoon, we went for a bike ride on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. We only went about 7 miles, but I’m going to go ahead and disclose that I am sitting on a pillow right now as I type this.

Little Man C looked the part in his awesome shades and biker’s helmet. If only I’d have thought to get a stick-on tatoo for his little arm. Of course, I’d have had to find one that said “MOM” inside of a heart.

The ride started out fun, I may have even laughed out loud at one point.

But then it got hot. Like, fire hot. And I almost passed out. Not really, but I wanted to fake passing out so that Eric would have to go get the car then come pick me up, while I sat in the shade on the side of the trail.

I kept smelling a dead animal, but then after the smell lingered for a few miles, I realized that it was probably me.

At one point, Coby’s head flopped forward and I thought that he too was doing the ‘fake pass-out’ – so that we could wait in the shade while Eric went to get the car. At that moment, I was proud – he and I are so much alike! But no, he had just fallen asleep and the weight of the helmet had made his little head too heavy to hold up.

I told Eric to ride on ahead because I was slowing him down.

Off they went – my two men. And I was all alone on the trail.

The heat started to get to me. I could have sworn that I saw Michael Bolton pass me on roller blades. I think I yelled at a skinny college student who sped by on her purple bike, and I kept singing “Somewhere Out There” in a Fievel Mousekewitz voice.

After a few hours (20 minutes) I finally made it back to the car. Coby was laughing at his foot and Eric was drinking warm water and eating Pringles – and all was well.

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