Happy Birthday Grandpa

Last week was Coby’s Grandpa’s Birthday (Eric’s dad). In effort to wish him Happy Birthday, we took a few photos.

Take 1 – turned out the best. I should have stopped here…

Stealing the sign from the elephant

body slam

I wish I could get off of this chair

Hey, What’s on TV?

This is lame. Sucking my thumb is awesome. I wish you’d stop touching my leg.

Stop touching my leg or I’ll slam you again. And you know what? This body can slam.

I told you I’d body slam you again, bro.

Fine, give him back the sign. I’ll just take off my sock. That’ll show you.

Eh, put me on the other side and let him keep the sign. At least I have a shirt on.

Watching TV again. Rachel Ray, I dare you to say “YUM-O” just one more time…

Touching my leg again, huh? We’ll see about that.

This was the last one taken. I think a screamfest happened next and then lunch was served. The elephant is currently sitting in Coby’s swing, scared shirtless.

Coby’s grandpa loved his birthday picture. The first one, where all parties are happy.

*Note, no elephants or babies were harmed in the making of this birthday greeting.


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