This Time

I was grocery shopping at Publix this week (best grocery store ever) with a chunky baby strapped to my chest. I’m not going to lie, I love it when all the ladies at the grocery store stop to ooh and ahh over my ball of chub (the baby, not my body).

I was in the baking aisle, standing there between the canola oil and brownie mix, and an elderly (70 something) gentlemen stopped right next to me. I was expecting him to ooh over the baby, you know, make a cooing noise or grab his little hand – something like that. But the elderly man, looked at me for an uncomfortable amount of time, tipped his hat, and kept walking.

Really, I was so startled I didn’t know what to do. I thought about curtseying in response (a feat I haven’t attempted since my last piano recital at 7 years old), but I wasn’t wearing a skirt. I turned around and looked after him and almost called out, “Good day to you, sir!”, but I thought that might be weird.

This small gesture got me thinking – am I so old now that old men stop to tip their hats at me? In Bible days, I’d have married 10 years ago and have 5 kids by now.

When I had a baby, I entered a new realm – where I’m not quite a “young adult” but I’m not really “middle-aged”. What is the term I’m looking for?

Last night, after Coby was asleep and the hubs and I were lounging, I said, “Oh, I need to go to bed, It’s almost 8:45.”

Yes, I’ve entered a new world. A world of early bed-times, moms in workout clothes at Target, sweatpants at home, ponytails, diapers and zombie days from sleepless nights.

What is this time of life called??

Here is my little love. Check out those thighs!!

I’m not sure what this time of life is called – but it’s awesome!


5 thoughts on “This Time

  1. He looks fabulous in purple so I’m sure he looks just as good, if not better in orange! Enjoy every minute of it before you know it he’ll be asking for the car keys and that’s an even scarry part of life!

  2. This time of life is called “mommyhood” followed by “motherhood”, quickly followed by middle-age. Enjoy, they are all wonderful and filled with challenges. Try to stretch out the “mommyhood” years. Even though they don’t feel like the “easy” years by comparison they probably are. Love you.

  3. His rolls are adorable and you just can’t beat that smile 🙂 So glad that you are enjoying this time, whatever it may be, there is nothing like joy & rejoicing in what God has given – even sweat pants, pony tails and early bedtimes!!

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