Baby Room and 37 Weeks

So much has happened in the past few weeks that I’ve neglected to blog about: two great baby showers, a visit from my mom, lots of trips to BuyBuyBaby, a weekend at the beach, visits with friends, decorated the house for fall, lots of laundry, football season started and I turned into a giant, purple stretch mark.

This past week, we’ve been finalizing the final projects around the nursery. It’s not 100% complete, so I’m not going to post pics of the entire room just yet. Hopefully I’ll finish it up this weekend and then I’ll put up more pics once it’s done.

The re-upholstered retro swivel chair I got at an estate sale looks pretty cute!

And then I made colorful pillows to go with the chair

Here is a peak at the crib. Eric and I made the mobile over the weekend. Mini books and felt owls dangle from a repurposed lamp shade. The crib sheet is white with multi-colored polka dots, and the bedding is mostly white with dark navy ribbing.

The baby chair in the corner looked lonely, so now a little brown bear sits there with a yellow chevron mini pillow that I made.

That’s it for now – more to pics to come next week!

On another note, I’m 37 weeks with child right now. Wow. Is that for real? If the baby were born right now, it would be considered full-term. I’m going to do whatever I can to get Baby B to come out early. Today I drank two glasses of raspberry leaf tea, did some walking, ate some spicy food, and politely asked the baby to come out before noon.

Next week, I plan to eat some eggplant parmesan, go for a few jogs up some steep hills, and drink more raspberry leaf tea. If anyone has any other suggestions, I welcome them! (Castor Oil is my last resort)

Most people I talk to, take one look at me and say, “oh there is no way you are going to make it three more weeks.” My mom is convinced that I’ll have the baby within a week and a half. Last week the doctor said that he hopes the next time he sees me, it’s in the delivery room. So I’m not the ONLY once whose convinced that this baby HAS to come out early.

Will keep you posted on how things progress!

– MJ –


2 thoughts on “Baby Room and 37 Weeks

  1. AAHH!! Can’t believe that it is literally around the corner. This makes me absolutely thrilled for you and means I have to get going and finish up my treats for Baby B! I’m in love with the mobile…can’t imagine anything more perfect for you to do!

    Can’t wait to see this precious one – praying for you and Eric!

  2. Melissa, this is so fun to read! You are so creative! The pillows and the mobile?? Good for you!! Great job! Can’t wait to see pics of the baby! Once you hold Baby in your arms, all the waiting will be worth it:)
    Congratulations to you and your husband!

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