A Strained Relationship

I miss my pants. Each morning as I walk through the closet, I longingly glance at all of my (non-maternity) pants and pass them by. The sweet little size 4’s and the happy little size 6’s are gathering dust and now have permanent hanger creases. I wonder if they miss me too? Will we ever be together again? Or will the past 6 months of separation be too much? I mean, it’ll be at least 4 more months before I can even think about fitting one leg through any of them again.

I hope we can work it out and stay together. And by “work it out”, I mean, “I’m going to have to do some serious working out.”

Don’t get me wrong – I understand why we’ve had to endure these months of separation. And I wouldn’t trade those midnight cereal bowls and second servings of mac & cheese for anything!

And of course, I’m about to have a precious little Baby B that will make it ALL oh so worth it!!!

But I can’t help but wonder about my pants. Are they jealous of the two elastic-waistband “pants” I’ve been wearing? Will it ever be the same between us? Do we have a future together?



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