Diaper Commercial Tears

Sometimes I watch TLC. Sometimes I watch ‘A Baby Story’, ‘Make Room for Multiples’ and ‘Baby’s First Day’ on TLC. Sometimes I watch all of these shows for a solid two hours in the afternoon. I don’t know why I do this, but I can’t stop myself! Something about watching other people go through this makes me feel like I’m preparing myself for the big event. I close my eyes and hold my breath during the intense moments, but I do make it through the entire show without passing out.

Sometimes, the women on the show are so calm throughout the whole labor and delivery process – this gives me hope. But sometimes, the women go crazy. I mean CRAZY! Screaming, wailing, crying, grabbing their husbands neck and squeezing until their heads pop off – they say things like, “I can’t do this, I change my mind!” – this makes me afraid. I don’t want to go crazy! But they always get their sanity back immediately after they hear the baby’s first cry – this makes me happy.

While I watch these shows, I get a little teary eyed at the moment the baby first arrives. Something about life coming into the world right before your eyes – how can you help but get emotional!? What a miracle!!

However, I have never cried during these shows as hard as I did the first time I saw this Pampers commercial. If you want a good cry, go ahead and watch this. Be sure and turn up the music – it really adds to the emotional torture.

Seriously, I shed tears during a diaper commercial. Is this normal or is this just because I’m pregnant? Please tell me I’m normal.

– MJ –

4 thoughts on “Diaper Commercial Tears

  1. Normal! Granted I did cry more with all baby related things when I was pregnant and especially right before Miles was born. But that is a beautiful commercial about the sweetness and preciousness of a new life! Your emotions are probably heightened during pregnancy, but I thought it was a sweet commercial!

  2. I cried this week watching this commercial, it is so sweet, watching all those cute little babies, this commercial brings me back to when my baby sumo was born, with his little red fuzzy head and his fat cheeks and his soft little cry…. Just you wait! Its amazing!

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