Bathroom Renovation

The past two weeks have been a little hectic, as the master bathroom was amid complete renovation. We temporarily moved upstairs to sleep and live, to avoid the construction zone. (And to avoid any awkwardness of chilling in the room with the tile guys and plumber while they worked. What am I supposed to say to them as they are working? “Hey, cool tile saw” or “Those pants are REALLY low-rise”).

The upstairs guest room is the hottest room in the house. We had multiple fans going, and no covers, but each night was still torture as I watched my glass of ice water go from chilled to almost boiling in 2 minutes. I apologize to any guests who may have stayed/will have to stay in that room from May – August. So hot!

Before, the master bathroom was your basic, generic, boring, room. 80’s linoleum floor, stained grout and tub, peeling paint – a sad, sad little bathroom. For years we’ve been discussing it’s complete renovation and drawing plans to make it a great space.

I don’t have any true “before” pics (because I’m a loser and forgot to take them before the demo started), but just imagine dingy and disgusting. Here are some pics during and after the demo.

Take it away!

And clean up your mess!

This is why we could not live in the our room for 2 weeks – total mess!

And here are the “after” pics – just took them 30 seconds ago…

I love it! Clean, nice tile! A shower bench! A shower with room to move my arms! No stains! No grossness! Fresh everything!

We used Venetian tile from Lowes for the shower and floor, and the vanity is from Home Depot. I love the creamy, clean tile with gold and gray flecks in it. The decorative tile border in the shower has some mixed in green-gray glass squares. The bench is lovely and I’m sure will soon become cluttered with my many girly shower bottles (shampoo, body wash, etc.).

Sweet, patient Eric painted the bathroom twice – because the first color didn’t look right. The final choice was “Sagey” from Sherwin-Williams. We kept the same mirror, light fixture and toilet – but now they are much happier in their new home.

I am thankful for the new bathroom! It’s only been 100% complete for a day, so I’ve only used the shower once. But I will say that last night, my many pregnant-lady-bathroom-visits were extremely enjoyable!


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