Ordinary Weekend

Just another weekend of soaking in the South Carolina humidity and watching my feet swell like blow-fish.

Friday afternoon, the hubs and I went to an estate sale out in the country and got this awesome little chair. It is a swivel rocker for baby B’s room. Planning to remove the orange tweed and re-cover it in a delightful funky fabric that I have yet to find.

will post pictures once it's re-covered

Then we went to see the matinée of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. Wow. So good. I cried just a few times. I would definitely classify myself in the “extreme HP fan” category, so this was the ending of an era for me. I love these characters so much. I love the books so much. I could go on… and on… but I wont.

Then we went to dinner at Stax Original – local diner in Greenville. We had Gyros smothered in tzatziki sauce. Surprisingly, I didn’t finish mine. I think the finality of the movie must have affected my endless appetite.

Saturday morning, our friend/contractor came over to take measurements of our master bathroom and discuss renovation options with us. The plan is to completely redo our bathroom in the next few weeks. It’s going to be awesome! I’m SO excited to get a new bathroom. Will post pics as things progress. Did I mention I’m SO excited to get a new bathroom!?

Later that afternoon, hubbs and I went to Wal-mart  to get paper towel, cleaning products etc (I try to only go here when absolutely necessary – the one by our house is scary and I’m afraid to look anyone in the eye).

Went to Publix to get groceries. Publix is the best grocery store in the South. The end.

Went to Home Depot to price out tile.

That night, we went to the Melting Pot for a nice 2.5 hour dinner. We had such a good time – just the two of us.

Eric makes pancakes almost every Sunday morning for breakfast. We ate our pancakes, went to church. Came home. I napped while he watched sports. We ate lunch (grilled flank steak and garden veggies) at our kitchen table – just the two of us. Then we watched the Women’s World Cup (so sad). And then spent the rest of the evening relaxing at home. I worked on some crafts, Eric worked on drawing out some plans for the bathroom. He convinced me to order pizza for dinner – which we eventually did.

Overall, a very un-eventful weekend. It was nice. We rarely have weekends where we don’t socialize with other people except each other… or where we aren’t going to an event… or where we don’t have 10 different things we HAVE to get done or places we HAVE to go. I mean, we actually ran errands together! As in, we went to the grocery store and Home Depot TOGETHER!

An unexpected weekend for sure. And even thought it doesn’t happen all that often, I appreciate and enjoy those days where we can be totally selfish with each other and with our time. I know that it will even be harder to have those times once Baby B arrives.

Loved this weekend. Love my sweet husband!

Four years ago, we wed. We were young - thin in body and thick in hair. If only my arms still looked malnourished... I would love that.

I appreciate our ordinary weekend together so much –  So thankful for God’s gift of a happy marriage and a wonderful hubby!!

P.S. Not sure why/how I can always remember everything I ate, when I ate it, and where I ate it. And why I’m always thinking about food. Honestly, I haven’t always been this way. It’s a recent development. Recent, as in, it started 7 months ago.


P.S.S. Today I turn 29 weeks pregnant. 10 weeks to go! I say 10 weeks, not 11, because in my mind, baby B will come a week or more early. If I wish it, it might happen, right?


2 thoughts on “Ordinary Weekend

  1. what a lovely weekend. who is your bathroom contractor? i have a flooring project that i am dying to get started….and will probably need some help with it.

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