Bangarang!!! I want cake.

Have you ever seen “Hook”? If not, you need to order it on Netflix immeditley and watch it now.

RUFIO, RUFIO, RU – FI – Ooooooh!

There is a scene in that movie, where the lost boys are all sitting at a table, preparing to eat dinner. After saying “grace”, the covers are lifted off of the steaming dishes only to reveal that there is NO actual food!!

A war of words then breaks out between Peter and Rufio…

“Substitute chemistry teacher. You man, you stupid stupid man. Oh Rufio, why don’t you go suck on a dead dog’s nose.”

Cue food fight.

Then Peter, using his imagination, can miraculously see the food.

“You’re doing it with us, Peter!”

Food appears on the table (food that looks like paint) and they all start eating a giant feast.


I want to be a lost boy. I want to use my imagination to make invisible food appear. Why? Because I’m hungry at all times. And why am I NOT hungry for raw spinach, fresh cabbage and chick peas? I don’t know.

But I DO know that I am hungry for carrot cake, E.L. Fudge cookies, baked mac & cheese, and burritos.

Last night, Eric wanted lots of carrots, peppers and cucumbers with humus for dinner.

Normally, these are things that I love.

But last night, I pulled a “lost boy” and pretended that the carrots were cookies, the peppers were Twizzlers, and the humus was chocolate sauce. (This did not work very well, all the veggies stayed veggies and tasted like veggies).

Repeating this in my head – must eat veggies, must make healthy choices.

Today, for a snack at work, I packed yogurt and a peach. (sigh)

I’m hungry, people! I’m hungry for bad sugar and bad carbs with a side of butter!! I can’t help the cravings – I’m only human! My only wish right now is to be sitting in Paula Dean’s kitchen eating everything that she makes, and then asking if I can lick the butter that is stuck to the Kitchen Aid! I want to make a pan of lasagna for dinner and eat it all before Eric get’s home. Then pretend I’m not hungry, and chuckle to myself as I watch him eat carrots and humus!

Sanity returning now.

I think I’ll go eat my snack and imagine it into E.L. Fudge cookies.

If the lost boys can make it work, then maybe I can too.


 – MJ –

eating yogurt now…



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