Hoarding – A Sad, But True Story

Since I’m nesting (gross – who came up with the term “nesting”?) in preparation for the arrival of Baby B, I’ve been doing some organizing of miscellaneous things around the house.

Unfortunately, there are a few things that apparently I have been hoarding.

Shameful, but true.

First, the discovery of glass jars. Pickle jars, jam jars, new jars. Why? I don’t know. I can’t fight it! I must save jars!

It may stem from my childhood when I used to spend summer days as “Melissa the Bare-Chested Bee-Slayer” (I was 6, it was acceptable to roam bare-chested in your yard at that age). I’d catch dozens of honey bees in jars. Why? Again, I don’t know.

Next, the hoarding of rags and dish cloths.

I save them because… because… I can’t stop myself! I might need them one day!

The hoarding of markers.

I love markers. I use them once every 5 years. When that time comes, I’m so thankful for having kept them.

My prized collection of cards.

B-day cards, Christmas cards, Anniversary Cards, Thinking of You cards, etc…

Someone spent 20 minutes in the store just to find the PERFECT card for me!

It warms my soul.

I cannot throw out that kind of love.

Go ahead and judge me for hoarding these things – I just won’t ever stop saving them. They are my treasures.

One day, you might just see me on TLC, clinging to my jars and rags, as a grown up Baby B is talking to the camera saying,

“I can’t explain it, she’s been like this since I was born.”


8 thoughts on “Hoarding – A Sad, But True Story

  1. oh, goodness! I know I sure have a collection of some very similar items. I’ve only recently discovered glass jars, but I could add some pretty ones to your collection πŸ™‚ And in addition to markers, I have quite the extensive collection of pens…like a lot, and I keep adding to it, the worst kind of hording! Maybe someday we’ll just raid your house and sneak out small amounts, then at least Baby B will have room to fit πŸ™‚

    • Cynthia – thanks for understanding and appreciating my hoarding of markers. I equally respect your hoarding for pens. I have a great collection myself. One day we should compare collections and make trades – like pogs.

  2. hahaha! Oh my wow! You are awesome! I think everyone has a little bit of hoarder in them! Don’t be ashamed of it, unless of course it starts to consume your whole house!

  3. Girl – those glass containers are to die for! Please tell me you didn’t give them away in an effort to help your hoarding ailment! You can do so much with those….like organize your markers OR layer them up with hot cocoa mix and top with a piece of fabric and pretty bow for winter gifts! Seriously….if you are considering tossing them, call me first!

    • I love the jars! I couldn’t give them away as Christmas gifts – they are my treasures! What if one day I needed to catch some bees!? I’m glad you accept my hoarding of jars πŸ™‚

  4. Don’t forget about putting the bees in the freezer… I wish it wasn’t so taboo to walk around the yard topless now….

    • Yes, it’s true. I also froze the bees I captured – I seemed to have left that ultra-weird tidbit out πŸ™‚ And then I’d turn them into ice cubes. Not sure why. Kids are weird.

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