Celebration Time, Come On!

June 24 was greatly celebrated by all across the land.

But it was celebrated the most greatly-est by me!

I happened to be awake at midnight on this celebration day, because we were watching a Food Network special. At 12:17 AM, my sweet hubband sang “Happy Birthday” to me. It melted my wittle heawt.

The actual day started off with pancakes (my FAVORITE) made by the hubbs. Pancakes painted with peanut butter and drowning in syrup – that’s the best way to celebrate your birthday at 7:00 AM. At work, the celebration continued with zucchini brownies, oatmeal cookies, organic and vegan ice cream, bananas and chocolate syrup – and my whole office – all 10 of us – crammed in the kitchen and I had to stand in the middle while everyone stared at me and sang “Happy Birthday”. It was good fun.

Then I went to lunch at a Mexican restaurant with a friend – and we spent the afternoon at the pool. Ahh… relaxing.

For dinner, Eric took me to Soby’s in downtown Greenville. Soby’s serves classic Southern dishes. We had the lobster mac & cheese, an antipasto platter and split the pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon with mashed potatoes in a habenero butter sauce. It was divine! Spicy, yet buttery; bacon and potatoes… I dream about this dish. I praise the man who invented this dish.

After dinner, we came back home to celebrate with the in-laws and some Bruster’s ice cream cake.

True story: Eric put in just 4 candles for me to blow out after they sang to me.

(If you’re keeping count, this is the 3rd time I’ve gotten “Happy Birthday” sung to me).

After the song finished, I attempted to blow out my candles – and could only blow out THREE!!! It was humiliating. They all laughed at my expense. I couldn’t even blow out 4 candles.

Complete failure.

What a great day – filled with too many calories and way too much sugar.

How lucky am I to be born on my favorite day!?

That reminds me of a line in one of my favorite movies, “Meet Me In St. Louis”. Tootie, the 5-year-old sister, is talking to the man who drives the ice truck, and she says “St. Louis is my favorite city. Wasn’t I lucky to be born in my favorite city?”

And that is how I feel about June 24. My lucky, favorite day.

Can’t wait until next year – then I’ll have a 9 month old (yikes) to celebrate with too, and I plan to teach him/her all about the greatness of 24.

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