24 Weeks

The best day of the year is June 24.

That is my birthday!! (Next friday in case anyone was wondering).

As long as I can remember, the number “24” has been my most favorite number of all time ever, amen. It is my lucky number, the number I choose for all things, the number that is constantly in my mind. Whenever I hear anything related to the number “24”, I get all warm and fuzzy inside.

True fact: my “boy going home” outfit for Baby B is a green and brown jogging suit that has the number “24” on the front and says “awesome” underneath the numbers. (yes, I know babies can’t jog, but just in case it’s a “he” and he comes out ready to exercise, I don’t want to hold him back).

I love 24.

24 + Melissa = BFF.

24 for President.



Today I turn 24 weeks pregnant. I’m thinking that this week needs to be the most special week ever! What should I do to celebrate the number 24??

Ice cream every day this week? – eh, I eat ice cream every day of  every week anyways.

No exercise for a week? – well, I haven’t really been exercising regularly for the past 24 weeks, so it wouldn’t really be “a week off”.

Deciding how to celebrate is difficult.

Here I am today, at 24 weeks – great with child.




Pardon my puffy face.


Here is a side shot.




Pardon my puffy….

my puffy…

well, my entire body is puffy, so pardon the whole thing.

My mom is begging for a side shot pic, so I have to post one for her…

…otherwise she might tell me that I was not actually born on the 24th, and wound my soul forever.

24, 24, 24 – what should I do to celebrate 24!?

I’ll keep you posted…

Peace Out,




4 thoughts on “24 Weeks

  1. You looks so beautiful preggers MJ! I love, love, love that cute bump, you will miss it when its gone…maybe not right away but you will. Enjoy it and all your puffiness 🙂 And I do agree with Yellow Em, go get yourself a nice peddi and mani and get a prenatal massage, they are awesome!

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