Snoogle Invasion

This past weekend, we went to my friend Kristen’s for a haircut for Eric. Kristen is also pregnant and is due the week before I am. So much progesterone in one room – the word “baby” must have been said 500 times between us in 45 minutes. Poor Eric.

Kristen told me about her newest friend, the Snoogle. Snoogle is a pregnancy sleep-aid pillow, and she said it truly helped her.

I welcome anything that helps me sleep through the night – so after we got home, I promptly ordered my Snoogle on Amazon.

I’m pleased to report, that my Snoogle arrived this afternoon…

It is a really big, ear-shaped, fluffy worm – looks sort of like a tremor.

Has anyone else seen Tremors? So scary.

It took me a while to figure out the most comfortable way to sleep with it.

First I tried sleeping with the long piece behind me and the end pieces in front. It was nice.

Then I tried hugging it like a giant “S” – and I tried to pet my dog at the same time…

…and then my dog licked my hand…

..and then she turned away out of jealousy because Snoogle is allowed on the bed and she is not.

Ahh…this is nice. I likey.

Then I thought it might be comfortable to sleep with support under both of my legs.

And I fell backwards and got stuck…

…and I was stuck for a while…

…and I thought I’d be destined to lay like this forever.

A pregnant lady, stuck on her bed with her dog by her side.

A sad story on the 11 o’clock news.

I FINALLY got up. By myself. With no help.

An accomplishment worthy of a bowl of ice cream for sure.

All that fighting wore me out, and I laid side-by-side with Snoogle.

And then Eric wanted to try it.

He liked it.

But I think Snoogle liked me better. We met, we bonded, we fought, and now we’re equals.

Snoogle and I will be spending a lot of time together over the next 4 months.

7 thoughts on “Snoogle Invasion

  1. Awesome! I remember all the pillows surrounding me every night for about 4-5 months while the hubby had 6 inches of bed to sleep on lol. Then when we got home with the baby, Ivan ended up in our bed and Jason was afraid he was going to roll over on the babe so he ended up sleeping on the floor on a twin mattress for 3 months lol.
    A message for Eric – pretty soon you will need to be giving Melissa back and butt massages every night, so be prepared. I remember my back killing me the last 2 months

  2. So I totally want a snoogle now too! Love all the pictures showing the various positions. You are such a hoot! Is it allowed for non-preggers?:) George would die because I already have 3 pillows…but I would be willing to give up 2 for 1 snoogle:) I agree with Sarah…we need to know how you are liking it in a few weeks:)

  3. I had one if those pillows they are the best the only downside is that it took up so much room and poor pete has only a few inches to sleep on the bed. But he survived!

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