First Fruits Of Our Labor

Several weeks ago, we planted a garden.

We built a raised area in the backyard and planted tomatoes, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, herbs, peppers, lettuce and a watermelon.

*Note: when I say “we” I mean that Eric and my father-in-law did all of this as I watched from the porch while sipping sweet tea.

This weekend we picked our first veggies….

LARGE yellow squash

We ate this guy for Sunday lunch with some steak. I seasoned him with some olive oil, salt & pepper, and threw him all sliced up on the grill. It was delish! It tasted extra good because we ate on my NEW dishes, and it was from our OWN garden! That makes food taste extra good – I promise.

Next we picked this little guy from our garden…

long, skinny, cucumber

I haven’t decided what exactly to do with him yet, he’s still in the fridge. I’ll probably just end up slicing it and eating it on my pretty dishes. Nothing fancy.

After eating our partially home-grown meal last night, we chilled at home to watch some sort of important NBA game and the X-Men trilogy. Even though Wolverine has unfortunate devil-horn hair the whole time, he is still my favorite.

Mya didn’t want to watch – she wanted to sleep instead. I guess the 15+ hours of sleep she gets on a regular basis just aren’t enough.



4 thoughts on “First Fruits Of Our Labor

  1. Hi Melissa! I just found your blog and caught up on some of your previous entries. You are hilarious!!! I can’t wait to read more and watch your belly grow! Um…next time you’re in Charlotte, give us a call! We would love to meet up with you guys!! And you are such a cute pregnant mommy!! Thanks for the laughs and the updates!!

    • Our tomatoes are the size of marbles – I have hope that they will grow to be strong and mighty one day. We did get one pepper last night, it was medium sized. Should probably wait longer to pick them but I get impatient 🙂

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