Pretty Dishes

Food tastes better on pretty dishes.

True story.

The end.

That is why I had to get new dishes at Ikea this weekend, to improve the taste of my food.

Example: would you eat the Oreo’s off of this disgusting, chipped, old, off-white, square plate??

I would. And probably so would you.

BUT I promise that Oreo’s taste MUCH better off of this clean, crisp, white, new, PERFECT plate!

See what I mean!? It’s art! It’s beautiful!! THIS is why I had to get new dishes!!!

My food will now taste better, I will now invite more guests over for dinner, and I’ll dirty dishes on purpose just for the pleasure of washing them.

I got a new set of 12 dinner plates, salad plates and bowls – and a few light turquoise ice cream bowls and white pasta dishes. Can you just imagine how good food will taste on these dishes!?

See the cutsie little ice cream bowls?! Precious!

This will only encourage me to be healthier. I am now even more motivated to increase my calcium intake (via ice cream).

My old, square dishes are gone, and my new, magical dishes are in the cupboard.

*Note: Only 1 Oreo was consumed during this post. The other one was put back in the package.

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