Goodbye Altima, Hello Charlotte!

This memorial day weekend was quite lovely…It started off great, because we sold my Nissan Altima!!!

I put it on Craig’sList on Monday, and we met with the guy who bought it on Friday afternoon. We were supposed to meet him at the bank at 12, but he called (at 12:15) and said that he would be an hour late. So Eric and I decided to eat lunch at Tony’s NY Pizzeria while we waited – a great decision.  So cheesy, so saucy…Now I’m drooling thinking about pizza and it’s only 9:30 AM…

Anyways, so while we were eating lunch, we described what we thought “CJ” (the car buyer who owns a gym) would look like. Eric said tall, dark hair, and a body builder type. I said short, bald, and a WWF contender type.

An hour later in the bank parking lot, 2 men pulled up and walked towards us. Man #1: dark hair and short. Man #2: fits my CJ description exactly. The bald, WWF guy walked up to Eric and said, “Hey, I’m CJ.”

I mean, I described CJ exactly! Was it a fluke? A good guess? I don’t know… But is there some sort of high-paying career that I can get with this newly discovered skill?

Saturday morning, we left for our “surprise weekend away” that Eric had planned. About 10 minutes after we left the house, it was quite obvious that we were headed for Charlotte, NC!! Woo hoo!! We stopped to shop in Gaffney and arrived in Charlotte later that afternoon. My sweet, thoughtful hubband had booked us a room at the City Center Hilton in downtown Charlotte, on the 15th floor. It was beautiful!!! The view of the city from our room was spectacular (I forgot to take a pic – but just trust me).

Hotel Lobby

Unbeknownst to us, the Coca-Cola 600 was going on in Charlotte while we were there. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a giant NASCAR race. Let’s just say that the folks in Charlotte this weekend were quite lively and I do believe that I’ve never seen so many shirtless men with camouflage hats all in one place!

Sunday was our day of shopping – my favorite activity and way to exercise. We went to Ikea, Concord Mills Mall and saw Pirates #4 – which was actually really good and way better than #2 & #3. Monday morning we explored a lovely neighborhood in the “ritzy” area of Charlotte and then headed home.

Handsome Hubby will shop till I drop as long as he can visit with Auntie Ann

Upon arriving home, I went into the backyard in search of my beloved doggy. What I discovered was a murdered baby possum at the bottom of the deck stairs. Mya (my pup) came bounding out from under the deck and was very pleased to show me her kill. I’ll spare you a picture of the murdered baby possum, but here is a pic of my pooch. She’s sweet, hairy and has an incurable, rodent blood lust.

She may look sweet and fluffy - but she has a dark side that few rodents have seen, and lived to tell the tale.

What a lovely Memorial Day weekend!! Am I back at work now? I think I am, but all I can think about is pizza and the next holiday weekend.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Altima, Hello Charlotte!

  1. We have gone to Charlotte for our anniversary the last two years and we’ve stayed at the Hilton both times! Love it! And, so happy you were able to sell the Altima soo quickly! Start lookin’ for a family car!

    • Loved Charlotte and loved staying in that Hilton.
      Getting a family car is on my “to do” list – hopefully will get around to finding the perfect one sooner rather than later!!
      PS – We can’t stop talking about your lasagna – SO GOOD!! 🙂

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