Baby Pictures

Last night, my in-laws stopped by to drop off a few things and help Eric fix the umbrella on the deck. They dropped off a box of some of Eric’s “treasures”.

“Treasures” = his baby book, drawings and reports from elementary school, etc.

After they left, and after we watched the Biggest Loser Finale, we finally settled down on the couch and started rummaging through his treasures.

I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. Some things in there were so cute and funny! In 2nd grade, he wrote a report about playing with his dog, pepper, that went like this:

“I played with my dog pepper in the yard. It was fun. It was very fun. It was very very fun. It was very very fun fun fun. It was fun fun fun very very fun fun.” It continued on like this, “fun fun very very fun fun”, for an ENTIRE page.

We laughed so hard, because the teacher’s comment was, “Wow, Eric! You must have thought this was very fun!”

We also looked through his baby book – his mom was so good at keeping it updated! She even recorded when his teeth grew in on a mouth chart!

Looking through his treasure box was “very fun” and full of laughs, but then I saw it… Eric’s first baby picture.

Eric was a premie, so that is why he is so tiny and skinny. Those little premie diapers were even too big on him!! awww…. But this pic is eerily similar to the ultrasound pic of our baby….

Look at the faces!!! Are they scarily similar or am I just making things up??!!!

As soon as I saw Eric’s newborn pic, the frozen Han Solo pic of my own baby came flashing through my mind!

*Please note that the blobby thing my baby is hugging is my placenta (gross). I guess things can get lonely in the womb so you have to make friends with whatever else is in there. During the ultrasound, baby kept hugging the placenta and putting it next to his face! I think we’ll have to get him a nice teddy-bear to be friends with in his crib, because there is no way that baby is bringing his “friend” home with him! I don’t care if they were BFF’s for 10 months!

After comparing these pics, I have decided that this child will look nothing like me – it is going to be a mini Eric – and I’m fine with that fo sho!!! However, this leads me to the conclusion that the baby will indeed be a boy.

I can’t have a GIRL that looks like Eric, right? Is that possible? I don’t know how this whole thing works, but in my mind, if it’s going to look like him it HAS to be a boy. And if it’s going to look like me, it HAS to be a girl!

Only 18 weeks and 6 days until we find out if my reasoning is legit.

But until then, I’m claiming “it” as “he”, and telling everyone that I’ll be birthing a boy.



P.S. In the event that I am wrong (unlikely), and Baby B is a girl, I will put large, pink, hair bows on that baby’s head and it will be a beautiful, little, mini-she-Eric.


10 thoughts on “Baby Pictures

  1. Dear dear Melissa,
    You are simply too funny. Wished I lived closer but am so glad you are doing this blog now! Much love to you dear!

  2. I think Joanna looks a bit like Eric (and Anna runs like him!), so having a girl that looks like Eric is ok. 🙂
    You will have to ask Eric’s mom if he was really a premie. My recollection is that he was not getting what he needed so was just very small at birth though not very early. You should have seen him right after he was born! So glad he made it!

    • Hi Aunt Kathy – I think you are right that he wasn’t technically “premie” – just itty bitty 🙂 I’m sure that it is possible to have a girl that looks like him, we’ll just have to see!!! 🙂

  3. Meliss!
    You are too cute! I love it already! I am going to do my best to KIT by reading your awesome blog! So far it is “very fun”, and I hope you enjoy doing it, because I am confident you will be providing me with many a giggle!
    Love you,
    Beccy Bishop

    • haha! I’ve never really thought that – since they have different hair, eyes and noses – but there are a few similarities I can see. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! 🙂
      Also, last night, I was wishing you were going through that box with us because it was HYSTERICAL! Some of the drawings and essays were definitely written by the boy who sang about “the foddish man” 🙂

      • OH! that would’ve been very very fun fun 😉 perhaps we can go through it again sometime – the foddish man is CLASSIC! LOL. what a funny boy.

  4. Ah but babies look nothing like those us pics. Else si would be an ugly duckling. I was convinced he was going to be. Your baby he or Eric-she will be just beautiful!! Missed you today. Hope you are well.

    • Silas is SO incredibly cute! I can’t imagine that his ultra-sound pic was anything but precious. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see what Baby-B really looks like.
      We were out of town this weekend. We missed SS!! Will be there next week.

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